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Entering The E-Commerce World

Posted on March 27 2020

Our desire was to be different. We found an abandoned piece of history and made it beautiful.

We’ve sourced quality fabrics, exotic dyes, immensely talented batik artists who produce unique, long lasting, practical works of art for you to wear proudly. 

For 40 years you’ve loved and cherished your purchases. Our batiks have caused you to make friends in the street and make conversation in far away places. You’ve yearned for the opportunity to purchase more for yourselves, for your admiring friends and for special surprises. Well now you can, Caribelle Batik proudly announced the launch of it’s online store on March 19th, 2020. 

Our collections were selected and launched during Spring to get you ready for the warmer months to come. I’m not sure about you but this time of the year, extraordinary things happen. The days begin to get longer, the weather becomes warmer and the flowers begin to bloom. These are the months we look forward to all year, so why not do it in style? 

Our collections are full of colour and designs, you are one purchase away from the perfect mood changer.

There's no longer a need to worry about not having enough time to shop, or be concerned about friends "borrowing" your new batiks, because now with online shopping you can easily replace them. 

Stay tuned for more products in different colours and new designs. We’ve worked immensely in order to achieve this and we hope to grow together and spread our message to every continent. 

The fun isn’t over yet, we’ve only just begun.