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Our Story

Who and where are we?

We are a company that has been based since 1976 in St.Kitts, a small exotic island in the Eastern Caribbean. Operating from the iconic Romney Manor, the location is surrounded by the beauty of nature. It is this lush environment that inspires us daily to produce our exotic handmade batik fabrics. Inspiration is easy when all around us are botanical gardens filled with tropical plants, birds, butterflies and monkeys. Our designs reflect nature's bold colours and patterns.

The history

Driven by the desire to forever live on a timeless Caribbean Island, the founder carefully considered an activity that would support this objective. With a background in textiles and retailing, he wanted a unique studio facility, a labour intensive activity, one that would enhance the islands portfolio and one that would create a sense of pride in the product. The traditional art form called batik was perfect! All that was missing was the perfect location. 

After several days of fruitless searching, one morning he set off with a map to research an old, abandoned estate on the island. Very early in the expedition, he turned a corner and fell in love!..with a tree! Not just any tree but probably the largest living organism on the island, a 400 year old saman tree which presided over an abandoned 17th century estate. Although overgrown, weary and unloved, the present owner saw beauty at every turn. He noticed a volcano in the background, the Caribbean Sea in the foreground and wonders in between. Little did he know until years later that he had chanced upon the site of the first working estate in the entire English Caribbean. Built and occupied by Sam Jefferson in 1625, a direct ancestor of Thomas Jefferson. The owner knew this was it, he looked no further. Romney Manor eventually became the home of Caribelle Batik. 

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Visited by in excess of 100,000 guests per year, Caribelle Batik and Romney Manor has established itself as one of the Caribbean's best known and most loved destinations. Our team dedicates many hours into designing and making these unique handmade batiks. By mixing function, durability and style, we create these pieces for you to feel comfortable and confident while attracting attention.

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What we do

In order to create our products, we commence with a piece of white fabric, a pencil, hot wax, dye, water, fresh air, tjanting (wax pen), tjapp (stamp) or free hand with brushes. Every item of batik is made by hand and it takes many steps to achieve our final creation. The result is totally practical, non shrink, minimum fade and washable. No two pieces can ever be exactly alike. We create, produce, market, fulfill and provide customer service. We are completely involved in order to swiftly adapt and make changes to satisfy you, our customers.

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Fulfillment centre

We get just as excited as you do when fulfilling your orders. By operating ourselves, our goal is to beautifully package your orders and deliver them to you as quickly as possible. In house we process all orders and ship them internationally.

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Customer Service

We love chatting with new and returning customers. It's here we get to hear your feedback and integrate that back into our business. We value creating pieces you love but also earning your trust with remarkable service.

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Exciting new horizons

The internet has allowed us to expand and reach potential customers from all over the world. We believe in growth, long term success, and delivering more for our customers. Receiving orders from different countries, keep us inspired and wanting to improve. There are very few products that can put you in such a happy, sunny mood quite like those produced by Caribelle Batik!

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Surprising hidden benefits

You do of course recognize that our products are bold, distinctive and beautiful. They are easily recognized by those who know Caribelle Batik. We are a small company, so wearing our distinctive apparel, or carrying one of our accessories will become a talking point with strangers where you shop or socialize. People just love the product! Better still, don't be surprised if in your neighbourhood, on a safari in Africa or at an art gallery in Italy, someone will say "I see you have been to St.Kitts" and the conversation will begin. Enjoy your experience, much love from us all at Caribelle Batik.